Step Three: Federal Sales Action Plan

The BPI Federal Team will construct a custom federal action plan which will be your map to winning opportunities at the agencies you choose as a result of your competitive analysis. It comes in the form of an excel spreadsheet and will allow you to keep track of your intelligence you uncover about each agency and upload to your Customer Relationship Management System. This tool includes links to each agency’s phone book if available) and critical data about the agency which applies to your business.This spreadsheet will also help you identify the prime contractors onsite so that you can determine whether it makes sense to partner – or compete with the primes.
This federal sales action plan will be presented in a third 2.5-hour teleconference with your sales team. Over the years, your team will use this plan to track their intelligence of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, document their intelligence in the field.
Now your team is in front of opportunities instead of chasing blind bids. Now you have control over the intelligence and the direction of the team.