Wise Start to Federal Business Development Three-Step Plan

The BPI Strategy Group has an affordable three-step plan that will get you to the top time and time again:

Step One: “The Federal Sales Game: How to Play to Win!”
Step Two: Custom Competitive Analysis Report
Step Three: Federal Sales Action Plan

Step One: “The Federal Sales Game – How to Play to WIN!”

This is a 2.5 hour teleconference meeting with a PowerPoint presentation for you and as many of your sales team members in attendance as you wish. We have trained over 10,000 in federal sales and have perfected the training to a 2.5-hour event. Our team will teach you and your team how to understand contracting vehicles such as: GSA Schedules, IDIQ Contracts, BPAs, BOAs, 8a, SDVOSB, HUBZone, EDWOSB, WOSB, VOSB, etc. We will also show you how to interact and identify key contacts: what to say and how to position your company in front of an opportunity (rather than writing blind bids.)

The goal of this training is to empower you and your team to call on the federal government and position your business to capture opportunities before they are completed. The actual lead gathering and selling will be up to you. It’s just like climbing a mountain. We are here to prepare you – but you have to climb it yourself to win.

Step Two: Custom Competitive Analysis Report

The competitive analysis report is a 20-40 page custom document built as a result of at least ten days of research prepared personally by our team. In a world of transparency, the Federal government has provided a great deal of contracting information about your industry, where the contracts are being written and to whom they are being awarded. There are over fifty data elements per contract which allows us to read, review and interpret into plain English for you and your team one-on-one in a two-hour teleconference call. This information will reveal where the government is buying your products and services the most and how they buy the products and services: IDIQ, BPA, GSA, Sole Source, 8a-Minority Owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, Veteran Owned, Tribal and more.This data will reveal who the winners are in your industry so you know your competition and how much they are winning. This information will also reveal who are the winning teaming partners that you may want to consider. We will review this document page-by-page with you, and together, you will decide which agencies are the most likely to buy your products and services and what contracting vehicles they prefer. Many companies on GSA schedule who have gone through this process have been surprised by how much business is NOT being contracted through GSA. Many companies call on us to perform this step before they consider even investing in a GSA Schedule Contract. Companies have turned to our team to perform this intelligence breakdown to decide whether or not a company is worth purchasing. This report also includes GSA schedule sales reports of all competitors on GSA schedule.

The best part of this step, is we will also teach you how to find and interpret this intelligence that is readily available so you don’t have to rely on any more subscription-based systems which cost between $5,000 and $10,000 a year.

This step alone will save you a year in the field and tens of thousands of dollars in subscription-based market intelligence. The competitive analysis report will tell you the truth about what has been happening in the federal marketplace in your business area over the past five years. This is the kind of information most businesses wish they could uncover in the commercial marketplace. The word, “transparency” is gold to federal contractors and we will help you find the gold.

Step Three: Federal Sales Action Plan

The BPI Federal Team will construct a custom federal action plan which will be your map to winning opportunities at the agencies you choose as a result of your competitive analysis. It comes in the form of an excel spreadsheet and will allow you to keep track of your intelligence you uncover about each agency and upload to your Customer Relationship Management System. This tool includes links to each agency’s phone book if available) and critical data about the agency which applies to your business.This spreadsheet will also help you identify the prime contractors onsite so that you can determine whether it makes sense to partner – or compete with the primes.

This federal sales action plan will be presented in a third 2.5-hour teleconference with your sales team. Over the years, your team will use this plan to track their intelligence of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, document their intelligence in the field.

Now your team is in front of opportunities instead of chasing blind bids. Now you have control over the intelligence and the direction of the team.

Other Services We Provide:

We setup Business Development Processes, Federal Marketing Plans and Systems and Proposal Management processes for our clients.

We write and mange the proposals for several clients.  We advise on teaming, bid/no bid, proposal strategy and pricing options.

We help clients develop their one-page Capability Statement and ten slide Capability Presentation.

We work with clients to set up a DCAA approved accounting system and establish Cost Plus rates and processes.

We present workshops on various topics including Selling to the Government, Business Development,Marketing to Government and How to Respond to a Federal Request for Proposal.

Call or email to schedule a discovery session and to talk about how we can help.






Success takes work. The average person who buys any marketing or training rarely opens the box or uses the material. Just like joining a gym, you gotta do the work to see results. THIS STUFF TAKES WORK AND DOES INVOLVE RISK.  Before we go further, let me make somethingcrystal clear:
This information isn’t one of those “get rich quick” trainings where you make a million dollars for doing nothing…
Here’s the cold hard truth…The system I outline in our training program worked for me and our clients. And I firmly believe it can work great for you, too. But I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who purchases the training is going to make money.