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Are you looking to grow your Federal business?

Not finding enough good opportunities?

Not enough meetings with decision makers?

Tired of throwing proposal after proposal over the fence with nothing in the “WIN” column?

Getting too many calls from the so called Business Development Gurus offering to get you a GSA Schedule and help you win those lucrative contracts?

Government buys from those they know and trust. It can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months at a cost of over $250,000 to build that knowledge and trust level.

Our Wise Start For Federal Business Development can reduce the time and cost of getting that first contract and help get your Federal Business Development Program moving in the right direction and focused on revenue generation as soon as possible.

We are real Federal Business Development Specialists who have been there and done that and have the scars and t-shirts to prove it.


*PLEASE NOTE-  This website is in NO WAY  an implication you will make any money whatsoever. I don’t know you personally or your business…(if you are looking for a get rich quick type of thing, this is NOT it. However, if you want to boost your Federal sales, this is how I did it.